Cold Starts


A thing of the past

- Maximize Engine Performance
- Reduce Costly Engine Failures
- Save on Fuel Costs




HotHead Pro

Hot Head Engine Heater for automotive based engines

  • Sprint Cars
  • Full Midget
  • Drag Race Cars
  • Road Racing Cars
  • Stock Cars
  • Dirt Late Models

HotHead Pro4

The NEW Hot Head Jr Pro4 for 4 cylinder engines

  • Full Midgets
  • Pro 4 trucks
  • Road race sedans
  • 4 cylinder engines
  • Ford Focus engines
  • Ecotec engines

Small Engine


HotHead Jr Pro

Competition engine heaters for multi & single cylinder engines

  • Mini & Micro Sprints
  • Outlaw Dirt Carts
  • Motocross & Supermotard
  • Super Bike
  • Sport Bikes
  • Snowmobiles

HotHead Jr Kart PRO

Competition engine heaters for 2 & 4 stroke karting engines

  • TAG Karts
  • Shifter Karts
  • Dirt Karts

Chassis Mount


HotHead CUBE for karting

The Cube is revolutionizing the Karting sport. Racers can now afford a product that extends engine life, reduces qualifying times and delivers unbeatable engine response on initial starts. Priced at about the cost of a set of tires, preheating eliminates the stressful planning and timing of the harmful revving ritual. Simply install the CUBE onto the Kart, plug in the power cord, wait less than 10 minutes and your engine and radiator are up to peak operating temperature. 

  • Consistent 130°F engine temperature
  • Simple 110v power cord connection
  • Light weight, only 1.3lbs
  • Installs (permanently) in 5 minutes
  • Affordable, only $249.00
  • Extend piston and ring (and clutch) life by 30%
  • Faster initial starts
  • Always ready to grid, no pre-race revving
  • Delivered many national level wins



Hot Head Heater

What sets
our products apart

All of our heating products are made in the USA using European Flow-thru, On-demand technology.  Low mass internals and minimal stored volume rises engine and cooling system faster than any other product on the market.  Our Hot Head units are also the lightest, most compact and most affordable (watt/$).  Warrantey backed durability confirmed, hundreds of units dating back to 2004 are still delivering race winning advantages.  Our unmatched line-up of heating units and interfacing accessories provide options for any engine, large or small.      


The only racing product that will pay for itself AND then save you money