The Racer

Being a racer is a mild curse, usually channels collective ideas into cool products.

Actively racing USAC Midgets since '88, with a little Motocross, Mountain bike and Go Cart racing sprinkled in for good measure. Racing is a mild curse, usually channels collective ideas into cool products.

Professional Motocross and Midget racing careers have fostered most of my best friendships. Friends and acquaintances know my weakness and exploit it with comments like, "Hey, this thing is crappy and expensive, you could probably make a better one." That's all it takes, and is precisely what it took to build my first engine heater in 2004. My mentor at Speedway Motors saw me using it at a national indoor race and said, "Hey, I want that in our April catalog." Again, that's all it took. Developing products is like racing: study your environment, be alert at the start, play fair while yarding your competition, never forget to share the excitement of success with the people around you.


The Inventor

37 years Mechanical Engineering experience at NASA & Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Owner Pete Davis's mechanical engineering background includes several years at NASA, followed by a rewarding 37 years experience at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  

Pete uses his racing background to win major USAC races and conversely receive the U.S. industries prestigious R&D 100 (magazine) award for developing one of the top 100 US technologies for commercial use. 

With Pete's specialty ultra-precision machine design and manufacturing process development, it is no coincidence that the engine heater business and precision machine tool stability share the same temperature control benefits.