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Sam Hefertepe Jr

Brian Ellenberger

Brent Kaeding & Kyle Larson

Mike Kertscher

Cale Conley

Stevie Smith

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Elliot Racing

Harli White

Nick Ivy Motorsports

Nick Ivy Motorsports

Andrew Peters 600 Multi Outlaw

Cole Woods

Alex Sewell's Factor One Team

Anton Julian - Crew Chief for Dollar General Indy Car Team

Carson McCarl

Ledger Racing Team

Neuman Racing Team

Concept Racing

Ryan Delusha Racing

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Driver; Jimmy Mars

Driver; Scott Bloomquist - Bloomquist Chassis

Driver; Josh Richards - Rocket Chassis

Driver; Eric Jacobson - Bloomquist Chassis

Driver; Tyler Reddick

Eddie Carrier Jr

Garrett Racing

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Josh Wise & Tim Siner

Davey Ray

Brent Kaeding & Kyle Larson

Jason Leffler

Danny Stratton

Mike Hess

Simon Longdill Team Mgr. - Michael Pickens & Brad Mosen

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Tony Elliot

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Drayson Racing - American LeMans Series

Corsa Zytec Hybrid - American LeMans Series

Factory Aston Martin - Drayson Barwell Racing

Porsche Racing; Spirit of Daytona

Renault Racing; SG Formula Race

FIA GT3 Corvettes

Prototipo Road Racer

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NASCAR - Team RedBull

Penthouse/Warsteiner - R&M Arrows

1965 F1 Championship Ferrari - Jackie Ickx

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Ricky Yorks

Motocross Bike - Team Hot Head

Motocross Bike- Tamer Racing

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Bonneville Racer - Record Holder

Karting Pro Jeff Wesell

Daryn Pittman

World of Outlaw (WOA) Sprint Car Series

"Preheating my Sprint Car engine makes a huge difference. In qualifying, my pre-heated engine can gain me one tenth of a second, which can put me 10 spots further forword in the line-up"

Brent "Glenno" Inglis

WOA Sprint Car Series Crew Chief

"The Hot Head engine pre-heating system is fabulous. It is very compact, when in use It's not in the way and when it time to pack-up and stores easily.

Reeve Kruck

Titan Racing USA; WOA Team Owner

"Titan Racing team has all the key ingredients necessary for success. I have given them the best equipment money can buy"

Chad Kemenah

WOA Sprint Car Series, 4 time All Star Sprint Car Series Champion

"The Hot Head pre-heating system is small and easy to get around, when in use. It is so easy to hook up and important, we use it on our engines even if it is 90 degrees outside."

Brian Kemenah

WOA Crew Chief

"It is amazing how fast this system works! I can't believe it starts building temperature immediately, and after 20 minutes we've built up pretty good heat in the engine. It has been a real advantage to use the Hot Head system on colder nights, like early this season (Las Vegas) where it actually snowed during an evening"!

Billy Alley

Sprint Car Driver

"We used to just fire the motor up and let it idle to warm up. But when you think about a $30,000 to $40,000 aluminum sprint motor just sitting there wearing its self out it does not make any since. We just started using the Hot Head heater and it is great. We now just push off and the engine is all warmed up and ready in case we have to run instantly like time in trails. No more dragging the salamander heater around and the Hot Head takes up less room in the trailer."

Harli White

Mini Sprint Car Driver

"...My 2011 season has started off great. I won the opener of the ASCS2 Big Chill Lucas Outlaw Class. We used the Hot Head!"

Kerry Madsen

WOA Sprint Car Driver

"Dude this is awesome. It's easy to store, and doesn't leak. Its gets our 410 sprint engine up to 180. Our motors have never looked better at freshen time which saves us money. No worries with a Hot Head. I have had 2 Knoxville IA. Feature win's since getting the Hot Head"

Rob Hart

Karavan Racing; WOA Crew Chief

At $40,000 to $50,000, it is critical to have these engines up to operating temperature before racing. Pre-heating the engine with the Hot Head engine heating system lowers the risk of failure and eliminates having to struggle with a cold motor. Racing engines are machined to produce maximum power at temperature, for instance hot honed cylinder bores produce the best ring seal when the engines are pre-heated. Also, the Hot Head system is uniquely designed as a sealed system, so when you make the connections with the previously raced (car's) cooling system, valuable pressure is not lost".

Becca Anderson

WOA Sprint Car Series Driver

Becca has several "Quick Times" and says that her "racing engine runs better during qualifying and initial starts, especially as the weather gets cooler. I recommend the Hot head engine heating system to all racing teams"

Kyle Berck

Dirt Late Model Champion

"With our late model they are easy to start so we never really thought about warming it up before we started it. We used an oil heater and that was it. Now the motor is 160 degrees before we ever fire it. Less wear and tear on these high dollar motors and we are always ready to go."

Jason Leffler

NASCAR Driver, 3 time USAC Champion

"There is not a more economical or user friendly engine warming system on the market today."

Matt Hummel

Top Midget Crew Chief

"The Hot Head System is great because it is so compact and lightweight compared to other systems. Having the engine already at operating temperature is an advantage and the Hot Head gets the job done."

Thomas Meseraull

Midget and Sprint Car Champion

"The HotHead Engine Heater is a must have!!! Increased Horsepower right out of the gate and less "cold start" stress on the engine. Very confidence inspiring! A perfect combination to be another step ahead of the competition!"


Midget Champion and Sprint Car Driver

"The Hot Head competition engine heater helped enable Dave Thurston and I to win a BCRA overall championship as well as back-to-back BCRA dirt championships in the past two years. The Hot Head competition engine heater performs without a flaw, and that's the kind of product the true race team needs.

Kevin Maret

AMA Supercross Team Owner

"I Wanted to thank you for designing this great heater, it's working awesome! We use it often especially at the Seattle Supercross where the temperature was 48 degrees"

Justin Cox Outlay

Dirt Kart, Sprint Car Driver

"First, let me say thank you for your support! Our Hot Head Engine Heater kept my engine warm and ready to race my way to the front all year. No more running my engine for ten minutes before each qualifying run, heat race or main event. I simply hook up the hoses, flip the on switch and in 15-20 minutes, the engine heats to 160 degrees. It saves a lot of wear and tear on the engine. We figure 30 to 45 minutes each race after a 14 race series and that is between 7-10 hours less wear on my engine. Engine oil is supposed to be changed warm. It is difficult to fire your race car off in the street to warm the engine, but if you have a Hot Head Competition Engine Heater it is simple to warm the engine for a proper oil change."

Jeff Wesell

Karting Pro

"A engine heater would in the long run, possibly save someone a $500 engine rebuild for "cold sticking" an engine. Things that we learned from using the system, that is benefits of using it the Hot Head Competition engine preheating system":

1) Initial/first start up on the engine felt less-painfull with the engine at operating temp
2) We used less fuel during the day keep engine warm
3) Less engine and clutch wear from having to run engine for warm up
4) We had more stable race temps during the day. 132 degrees on hard throttle/load
5) Driver was more confident on the starts with engine at correct temp rather than worrying it was not warm enough